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Water Garden Tips

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“Neglect your watery haven and it could quickly become a stagnant hell” –  words from Andi Clevely over at  She has some tips for keeping your pond in balance and looking great.  I especially like these tips for feeding plants:

Established deep–water and marginal plants may need feeding when growth resumes in spring because nutrients easily leach from the soil or compost into the pond. Feed them cautiously to avoid enriching the water further and stimulating algae growth.

Use a slow–release fertilizer applied direct to individual plants, and where possible choose one that is seaweed–based. Do not over–apply, and never feed floaters and submerged plants.


Image Credit: Steven Wooster

If you’re looking for an awesome water lily or lotus plant, head on over to our pond plants section.  Most of the pictures you see on this blog are plants from the same nursery, including this awesome pink lotus wallpaper.

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