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Get Your Pond In On The Christmas Light Action

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christmaslightWhile I tend to grumble and humbug every Christmas/holiday decoration that I see before Thanksgiving, once Black Friday rolls around the spirit always takes me. And, since today is Black Friday’s reclusive and productivity-destroying younger cousin (which sadly is called “Cyber Monday”), I thought I’d make a recommendation regarding your home decorations for the holiday season.

When you’re buying and putting up your LED icicles and bush nets (seriously, how much better did putting lights up get when these things came out?), why on Earth would you neglect your absolute favorite part of your yard? The water’s a bit chilly, but get out there anyway and put in some Pond Lights! They’re great year round, but during the Holidays they’re a must to really bring out the best in your yard. And, with all of the different lights available with energy-efficient LEDs and changeable gels, they’re more flexible and practical than ever. Put those bright color filters on there for the holidays for tons of extra cheer in your yard, then switch to a more subdued white light (using exactly the same lights) for the rest of the year. Or, for an even more impressive effect, check out some of the color-changing lights, like the Alpine 60-LED Pond Light with a remote control for the easiest color changing you’ll find.

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