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Frilly Lily Wallpaper

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In one of our recent Photo Roundups, I talked about how many photographers shy away from modifying the colors of any photo enough that it can be detected. Personally, as I said before, I disagree. If a photo is nice to look at, that’s enough for me. After all, almost every photo taken these days is manipulated digitally to some extent.

In that case, I was discussing a photo with extremely high color saturation. For today’s wallpaper, though, I went the other way and significantly lowered the saturation. Other than that, the composition is fairly standard, with points of interest (the bloom and its shadow) falling around the thirds-line intersections. I really enjoyed how the shadow of the bloom lined up with another emerging bloom.

This frilly purple guy was photographed at our sister nursery in Charleston, SC. As always, check below to find the right wallpaper for your monitor.

frillylilyFrilly Pale Lily

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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