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Illuminate Your Water Feature

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Accentuate the positive – naturally eliminates the negative

Nothing in nature is perfect and that is beautiful.  But there are always a few rough spots in gardens that, to us (imperfect humans), just look ugly.

A fun and easy solution to is to shine a light on a nearby lovely feature. Optical illusions work wonders!

Magical Waterfall


Place submersible lights under each ledge of the cascade.

There are small ones available – easy to hide behind the flowing water.

Makes even a small cascade seem to flex it’s water muscles.

Backlight for Koi


Tuck submersible lights under pond edges and on the bottom to shine upward.

The effect, especially with Koi, is glowing.

Not for shy water creatures – Koi and Goldfish don’t seem to mind.


Spotlight a star plant

Generally, a spotlight would accentuate a fairly large feature outside of the water, like a tree in the background or pond’s edge – Japanese Maple is a personal favorite.

Statuary or an exceptionally nice boulder in or near the waterside can be good winter choices to spotlight – see previous post for more on “Show Rock”.

The reflection in the water adds a new dimension in special effects for the garden.

Showcase a fountain


There are almost unlimited ways to add accents points with fountains.

From simple and demure to party style with a jazzy ring of lights, you can create the right scene with the style of fountain and the associated lighting you choose. It can vary extremely, depending on your situation, taste, or maybe even mood.


Beware of the jazzy, party lights. Rumor is that chipmunks, squirrels and birds come for disco dancing when no one is looking.

Low voltage lighting options are standard and a variety of kits are available to fit different scenarios. Most can be set up with timers using dusk-to-dawn photocells, to conserve energy. Many can be used in or out of the water.

Some people like to re-arrange their landscape features rather than their home furnishings (OK maybe it’s just me). But you could easily move the lights around to vary the look of your water garden from time to time. Set the scene in tune with the changing seasons.

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