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Lotus the Superhydrophobe

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And we thought it was just another pretty flower.


It’s a little known fact (as Cliff Clavin from Cheers would say), that the leaves of the lotus plant (Nelumbo) are extremely difficult to wet. And furthermore, Norm, according to Wikipedia, “This effect can easily be demonstrated in many other plants, for example tropaeolum, cane and columbine, and on the wings of certain insects.

I wonder:

  • Is that why lotus is so comfortable in the water?
  • Is that why they are so waxy beautiful they almost look fake?

Below is a photo I took just yesterday – it has not rained in weeks, but tell that to the lotus with a leaf full of water, all beaded up. Who knows how the water got there or why it did not evaporate – just a curiosity…

The Lotus Effect or superhydrophobic surface are terms given to this water repelling phenomenon.

If you wonder about these kinds of things, check it out this Wikipedia link, where you may learn more, in exciting or excruciating detail, depending on your love of science or lack of same.

I love it, but understand some don’t. It is a pretty flower, though. Who doesn’t appreciate that?




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