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Iris Seed Pods in Black and White Wallpaper

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This week’s wallpaper features the very same bunch of Japanese Iris seed pods that I featured a couple of weeks ago. This time, though, the angle is a bit different and the editing is vastly so. The combination of bokeh and reflection is very pretty, but once it’s changed to black and white it becomes an almost abstract image. I think that this makes it uniquely suited to being used as a desktop wallpaper. I often find myself preferring semi-abstract backgrounds, especially those with a stark color profile, much like this.

This is one of my favorite wallpapers that I’ve ever made, but I still went back and forth for several weeks on which of the two seed pod photos to post on the site. Fortunately, the Magic of the Internet allowed me to do both.

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IrisseedpodsheroIris Seed Pods in Black and White

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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