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It’s in the Details

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I was looking at pictures of ponds this morning and one thing that jumped out at me was the different ways people landscape the edges of their ponds and what a difference this makes in the overall feel of the ponds.

Now, I think I have a great pond. My fish are healthy, and I love the variety of plants.  My ivy is my favorite part of the “edge” (it seems to be taking over!), and there is an assortment of other plants in the overall picture.

However, as I looked at the pond pictures, it occurred to me that there is no doubt that one thing I am missing (I hesitate to say the only one, because I can always find something I am “needing”) is a better skimmer rock cover.  There are several types that are available.  I haven’t decided on which one will soon be living at my pond, but I know that it will be a big improvement!

Take a look at this blog post if you’re looking for other ideas on how to naturalize your pond edge.


Find the skimmer cover. Hint: OK, so you don’t really need a hint…


Hint:  it’s under the flower pot! Picture complements of John S from Apopka, FL.

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