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Koi Breeding

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Koi are an awesome addition to most ponds. They add to the beauty and relaxing aura of your pond and can have tons of personality. Garden Pond Solutions discusses tips for perfectly breeding koi: from identifying fertilized eggs to knowing the best food for Koi.  How do you know a male from a female koi?  Beats me, head on over there and find out!

Here are the 4 main requirements they recommend when preparing your koi to spawn (i.e. – how to set the mood).

(1) A place where they can lay their eggs (artificial media is available)
(2) The right pond water temperature:  between 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) and 23 Celsius (73 Fahrenheit)
(3) Good water quality with plenty of oxygen
(4) Privacy. Yes, you read that right, they need privacy.


Image Credit: Rowan Castle

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