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Purple Tropical Water Lily

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tropical water

This week’s wallpaper comes to us from Eriksberg, Sweden. It’s a tropical water lily, so not exactly a native of the Uppland province in Sweden, but thanks to the magic of botanical gardens, photographer Johan Hansson had access to this extraordinary plant. This photo shows a great use of very high color saturation. Hiking color saturation way up is almost always tempting in floral photography, and this photo shows exactly why: the color is so vivid and striking and the contrast so beautiful that it allows for the thing that is so rare: a photo that captures just how beautiful a flower is. However, we must always be careful with the saturation, as it is easy to distort colors by increments until we have a uselessly artificial and eye-wrenching photo. The shallow depth of field works well in this photo, too. The blur of the rest of the image draws the eye to the visible center of the flower, which is in sharp focus to show the interesting yellow limning on the filaments of each stamen.

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Image Credit: Johan Hansson
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