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Pond Photo Roundup: Feb 22

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Well, loyal readers, it’s that time again. I will again subject you to pictures that amused or interested me on the internet, which had something vaguely to do with ponds or water gardening. Why do you do this, you ask. Why do you force me to look at these photographs? Well, I don’t. That’s crazypants. You know that you can just navigate away from this page any time you want, right? But don’t do that. Well, don’t go to another website, anyway. Stay here, hang out with us. We like you, and you like us. Right? Oh, unless that other website is Facebook, and it’s our Facebook page that you’re going to. Speaking of liking us….


I’m starting this week off by bringing the cute. The question here is: are they helping him or pushing him in? I like to think that they’re helping him, because I’m a big ole softie. A big ole softie who would bite their heads off in a skinny minute if they were made of chocolate.

These bricks (photographed by Liz Eddison) are a very classy, neat way to build a partial path to a water garden while keeping the grass visible. I like this a lot, but they made a huge oversight. They could have made these in the shapes of Tetris blocks, thus making the path a hundred times cooler, at least.

Speaking of hopping (get it, bunnies?) along interesting paths, these stepping stones in a large decorative pond are absolutely gorgeous. It gives a great feeling of age and durability to the water garden.

Yet another very cool pathway, this time turning a walkway up to a home into a water feature. The photo is from, but no word on if the movers and UPS guy hate this house.

Finally, we’ve got some absolutely stunning blue balls in a garden art placement by Dale Chihuly in Seattle. I absolutely love these, and the way they are fantastically accented by the lily blooms growing up among them.

That’s it for this week, kiddos. As always, check out our Facebook page for more photos and tons of water gardening tips throughout the week.

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