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5 Things You Should Have Before Spring

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Are you ready for Spring?  These 5 items will help.

  1. Thermometer –  Here are some key temperatures:
    Constant 50 degree water temperature – you can start feeding fish (cold water food)
    60 degrees – regular feeding
    70+ degrees –  move plants back into your pond if they were removed for winter
  2. Pond Net –  – A sturdy net is a must to remove bottom debris from your pond
  3. Filter Media – Spring is a good time to replace this if needed.  Aquascape’s Bioballs are also a great way to supplement your existing filter media.  They’re designed to provide a perfect home for lots of beneficial bacteria.
  4. Sludge cleaner –  It makes spring clean-up much easier!
  5. Declorinator –  A partial water change in the Spring is something we highly recommend.
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