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Pond Photo Roundup: September 7th

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This month we’re starting a new weekly Friday post here on the Pond Blog: our Pond Photo Roundup. We look at a whole lot of pond pictures. Like, a lot. We post a lot of the best pictures we find on our Facebook page, but starting this week we’ll be collecting the very best of those photos and putting them together for easy viewing right here on the Pond Blog.



Our Facebook fan Powell commented that this pond is “not suitable for my lawn.” I don’t think that many of us are fortunate enough to have room for a feature quite like this, but the edging idea is really interesting and might be scalable to much smaller ponds.


With a pond the size of the Lily Pond at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France, a lot of work is likely necessary to keep it looking this fantastic. Photo by Mo Wood.

 A spherical fountain like this one could make almost any garden more interesting and calming.

This absolutely heartstopping image comes from a feature in Northern Ireland. I would absolutely love to hop across those stones. It reminds me of a tamed version of some great backwoods spots in the Smoky Mountains. Photo by David Kernaghan.

 This beautiful photo accompanied a piece from Martha Stewart on indoor water gardening that’s well worth a read.

 As our fan Alice on Facebook pointed out, this seating area featured on HGTV does seem a tiny bit cramped, but I think that the nice bridges more than make up for it.


That’s it for this week’s roundup. Check us out next Friday afternoon for more great pond photos from around the web, and like us on Facebook for even more.

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