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Red Water Lily Wallpaper

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In discussing last week‘s wallpaper, I pointed out that one of the things that interested me about it was how the use of a polarized lens filter eliminated  much of the glare on the water, allowing us to see through it beautifully. I wanted to use this shot this week to show some contrast with last week’s. As you can see, both lilies throw strong, sharp shadows on the water, which implies similar lighting. The angle to the water is also similar, but this shot has very strong glare coming off of the water, giving it a silvery sheen rather than the transparency that we saw in the other shot. This photographer probably did not use a polarizing filter. This is no criticism, though. The silver of the water in this shot beautifully compliments the fading red to white on the outer petals of the lily, especially in a photo of such rich color saturation.

redwaterRed Lily Wallpaper

Image Credit: Kathleen Conklin
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