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Water Lily ‘Rhonda Kay’ Wallpaper

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This week’s wallpaper features a plant that we added to our pond just this year. We’ve fallen in love with this ‘Rhonda Kay’ Water Lily since this spring, and she’s been an absolute delight to photograph. The color of the bloom is just so powerful and contrasts so strongly with the bright gold of her heart that it’s almost impossible to get a shot of her that I don’t love. This shot, though, I felt was really something special. The stamens are especially lovely, with the yellow of the heart blending to the purple of the petals, creating the illusion of a glow from inside the flower. On this particular wallpaper, I was especially happy to get some of the new koi that we’ve added to the pond in the background, adding what I think is a very nice touch.

As always, look below for the downloads of this wallpaper in various screen resolutions.


Water Lily ‘Rhonda Kay’

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
4:3 Screen
5:4 Screen
16:9 Screen
16:10 Screen

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