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Pond Photo Roundup: March 1

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That time, yet again. This week’s photo roundup is one photo fewer than they normally are. I’d tell you why, but that is a deep, dark secret that must be kept for the protection of the entire world and all who live in it. So, please, stop asking. PHOTOS!


This one is a pretty nifty idea for making a decorative feature out of your drain pipes, while at the same time redirecting the water away from areas of your garden that might get problematically flooded by heavy rains. Simple, easy, attractive, and probably next to no upkeep. I like that. Of course, for bonus points, you could have something like this draining into a rain barrel that you use to water plants, but that might be a bit more difficult to set up, depending on the layout of your garden. I wouldn’t recommend having this drain into your pond, though. Overflowing ponds can already be a big problem in heavy rains, and the water draining off of your roof might have some chemicals from the shingles, not to mention the extra organic matter from the leaves in your gutters.


This photo from Laguna ponds features a lovely pond layout with large, lovely fish and a really lovely sunbeam breaking up the lines of the photo. Did I mention that I think it’s lovely?


This long, narrow water feature (I guess it’d be considered a reflecting pool?) is a really great use of a somewhat difficult space. The posts to either side echo the feature itself, a very nice touch, and the greenery around the bench at the end of the pond is just fantastic (is that bamboo?). Also worth noting: I’m a sucker for a nice variegated hosta.


OK, yes, it’s a swastika pond, but not that swastika. This pond is at the Hase-dera, an almost 1300-year-old temple in Japan, and the swastika is used here as an ancient symbol of eternity, Buddhism, and peace. All discussions of the differing meanings of symbols in different cultures aside, this is a really, really beautiful pond.

Well, that’s it for this week. Check back next week, of course, for more photos and tips throughout the week. Check out our Facebook for even more!

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